Round Table: Styling & Component Libraries In React

Michael Gee ·

Round Table [0] 🎉

Round tables are an improv event where we choose any given topic while strongly encouraging everyone to participate talking about their experience/interest in the topic.

I’m someone who gets too heavily invested in the technologies that I use so I always want to hear alternative approaches to cure my ignorance of finding new ways of building things. These group events (I hope) will be a a great way to introduce new things/ways of doing things and giving some insight to why people would choose one thing over another.

Also if people have really strong opinions towards one side or another it will be a perfect opportunity for me to throw them and someone else on the other side into the #debategladiatorcolosseum to battle it out to the death. (haha I’m only jok… being serious 😉)

This round table’s topic is around styling and/or using component libraries in React and will revolve around these 3 questions:

  1. What do you currently use for work (or your current projects)?
  2. What would you use if you started a brand new project today?
  3. If you couldn’t use your first choice, what would be your second?


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Round Table: Styling & Component Libraries In React
Apr 7, 2021 10:00 AM PST
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