⚡ Lightning Talk Extravaganza

Ferit Topcu, Toby Baratta, Adrianne Mallett, Alex Anderson, Ben Myers, Michael Chan ·

Six speakers. Five minutes each.

Join us on April 23 as we give rapid-fire introductions to some of the things that we’ve learned. The lightning talks are:

Ferit Topcu5 Mental Models to Help In Your CareerFerit’s slides
Toby BarattaDrink Espresso; Don’t Be Depresso: Coming Up For Air When Deep In a ProblemToby’s slides
Adrianne MallettIt’s Rude An Antipattern to Not Use Semantic VersioningAdrianne’s slides
Alex Anderson (via recording)A Few Delightful User Interactions
Ben MyersOn the <dl>: The Semantics You Never Knew You NeededBen’s slides
ChantasticCSS-ing with Attribute SelectorsChan’s pen and his blogpost


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⚡ Lightning Talk Extravaganza
Apr 23, 2021 10:00 AM PST
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